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Re: [IP] Gusher...sounds worse than it is


I imagine there are many people on this list who have been pumping for
months/years and haven't experienced a 'gusher'.  It was just a matter
of unlucky placement of the infusion set, probably nicked a vein which
was kept from bleeding by the cannula itself, so everything came out in
a gush when the cannula was removed.  It bled for a few minutes, we kept
applying pressure, it left a bruise which went away, but that was all.

It sounds much worse than it is, but would be very frightening if you
didn't know what was happening 'IF' it did happen to you, especially if
you were just starting pumping!  Wouldn't want you to think you impaled
yourself when inserting your infusion set!<g> You may never see one, but
if you do, you'll now know what to do.  Cover, apply pressure, and wait
for it to end :)  We do avoid that area for a little while after a
gusher, as we don't want to put an infusion set into a bruised area.

To those in the know....would applying a cold compress help to lessen
bruising in this instance?

Barb....Erica's mom

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