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Re: [IP] cane


I would never actually hit you over the head with my cane
-- just scare the h*ll outta you!  <BG>

I am hoping the cane is just temporary.  It all depends on
how my back heals and, as we all know, being diabetic
doesn't help in the least.

I might hit someone over the head with the cane, though, if
they made a big deal about me testing in public (in my lap)
or injecting with my pen.  I agree that we shouldn't be
banned to dirty restrooms to do our life supporting

--- email @ redacted wrote:
> Susan wrote:
> >  electric carts out for me.  It's like the cane brings
> >  respect for some reason.  
> Now, i woldn't mind if you cut in front of me in line at
> Disneyland...I do 
> respect your cane (if only cuz I'd be scared you'd crack
> it over my head if I 
> didn't), but that curly haired little girl over there
> with her smiley face 
> and two sturdy legs and medic alert bracelet saying she
> has diabetes better 
> wait her turn...
> heh heh...I will warn you all when I go to disney so you
> can be sure and not 
> cut in front of me that day!
> > Maybe we need to wear signs
> >  saying "I have diabetes -- be nice to me."
> add a line to my sign...."and pity the person who tries
> to make me test in 
> private"
> Sara

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