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Re: [IP] whining, carrie and insulin regimens

In a message dated 11/1/99 8:32:28 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< and I say get on the 'poor man's pump' now  (ultralente/lente)   ...while
 waiting for the real thing.  it did wonders for geneva's levels. >>
I second this comment.  I used lente and regular (Humalog wasn't out yet) for 
years before my pump.  I was "tweaking" with the regular at each meal, taking 
a bg in between meals and tweaking, and setting my alarm for 4am to tweak to 
be ok at breakfast at 8am.  I got major criticizm from my endo (endos as I 
kept changing), because according to them "you don't have your insulin 
adjusted right if you keep using all those R shots."   Was accused of being 
an "anal perfectionist".  Yes Sam I Am. Now that I'm pumping, I can see that 
what I was trying to do with the R shots was the best imitation of a pump I 
could muster.  And I didn't know anything about pumping.

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