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Re: [IP] OH to whine....!

In a message dated 11/1/99 6:15:28 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<<  I would
 kill (not really) to have her be 186!  How sad is it that you all vent
 about something I cannot seem to achieve!  Oh to have an insulin pump!  >>
I've been pumping 4 yrs now.  I remember going to my first pump support group 
meeting when I was considering the pump and hearing a woman complain that her 
pp (2 hrs after meal bg) was always about 220 and she was upset!  I almost 
blew up.  She must not even have the same diabetes I had battling sometimes 
just to get a number out of the meter instead of a LO or a HI with MDI.  Your 
comment of "I'd KILL for a pump" is about right as far as I'm concerned.  
After I got one and got the basals and dawn phenom thing figured out, I 
really started kicking myself for not getting one sooner.  Sure the $5000 is 
a lot of money.  However, what about the new car we had recently bought?  It 
cost more than that.  How about moving from the little house to the medium 
size one.  What about the money spent on vacations and holiday presents?  If 
I had known how much better I would be able to live on the pump, I would have 
figured out a way sooner to get one.  Any of those things I would have done 
without in a heartbeat to have my pump, but I didn't know then what a 
difference it makes.  And yeah, its heaven to only have to bitch about a 186.

Hope your pump will happen real soon.

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