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Re: [IP] Chocolate the evil demon

In a message dated 11/1/99 5:31:25 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<<  last night she was high at 2 am and I wonder if
 it is the chocolate.
Yes I think it would be the chocolate.  As you know, the more fat the longer 
it takes to peak, and it seems to me the longer it hangs around.

Kelsey brought home a pillowcase full after one hour, and went back out and 
got another.  She is my wild child (ADHD) and I try to limit hers too.  A few 
pieces at a time with lunch and after school, and one at bedtime.  At this 
rate it'll last till next Halloween.

But the real problem here is me (the 38 yo, dm pumper mom).  I've been 
dieting and exercising for 2 months, doing great.  That is until this 
chocolate hit the house.  That is my downfall.  Binged on it Sunday night, 
did better on Monday, trying today.  I seem to be able to cover the stuff w/o 
fat, up/down and out with the bgs.  But the chocolate sends me up up up 
slowly, then I over bolus because the insulin doesn't seem to budge it, and 
I've crashed about 4 times at 50's in the last two days.

I'm gonna burn the damn stuff!!!!

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