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Re: [IP] Clicking Boluses and Softserters and Infusion Sets

>My Minimed came finally, yay! I start with saline next week.

first of all:  CONGRATULATIONS!! You are about to become part of a better 
world.   :)

I have
>a question for you all... is there a way to turn off the clicking during
>boluses?  It sounds like a motor thing that cant be changed but
>maybe someone here knows.   I dont think I'll care for that noise,

No.  you can't stop a MM from clicking.  However, most people (well, at 
least I) don't notice it at all, and when I do I don't find it annoying.  
Also, even if YOU hear it, it is very very unlikely that anyone around you 
will. (i.e. in a movie theater)

>although perhaps it can be useful at some point,

LOL . . .not really :)

>Also, I only got one kind of infusion set sent to me. Does Minimed
>have a sample pack or something similar?

Call Minimed and they will a) send you samples of any set you'd like to try, 
and/or b) arrange to exchange some of your original boxes for other kinds.  
I did both.

>One more thing... does anyone prefer/hate the softserter?   I havent
>put any sets in yet but think maybe I wont use it.

I thought I'd hate it but I actually don't mind it or have a preference one 
way or the other. I use both sofsets and sils, and when I use the sofsets I 
use the sofserter.  It doesn't hurt.  I use sils for my "emergency" sets and 
when travelling because they are smaller packages and you don't need an 
inserter to use them, which makes them better for carrying around.  I tend 
to use sofsets at home.

Hope this helps! good luck!! --Gianna

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