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Re: [IP] re: dirty pump

Ruth wrote:

>did you read my posts about "dust off"?
>you have to get it if you daughter plays in sand.!!! we learned this when we
>started pumping and geneva got no delivery after being at camp and her pump
>was loaded with the stuff.
>walmart,  radio shack..costco.  it is compressed air that you can blow out
>the dirt and sand each night before bedtime.
>guaranteed to make your pump glimmer.

Some words of caution here, quoted from a can of "Stoner Air Duster" (we 
use this all the time for computer work):

"Always hold can upright when using to expel contents as a gas. Do not 
shake. This product contains a liquefied gas which will expel as a liquid 
if held sideways, upside down or shaken when using. When sprayed in liquid 
form, this product can cause frostbite burns and damage certain solvent 
sensitive materials, such as plastics. Before using, always test for 
suitability and direct first spray away from intended surface. Hold can 
nozzle (or attached extension tube) approximately 3" away from surface to 
be cleaned. Spray as needed, in short blasts, to loosen and blow away debris."

Of course, I know everyone trying this technique is extra careful, but I 
think this is a valuable caution. I don't know how the MM motor and 
electronics would react to being frostbitten by canned air <g>

Bob Burnett

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