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[IP] diabetic babysitters...

I've been babysitting from the time I was 10.  The last thing I did (other
than sleep, drink, and pee) before I was dx was babysit.  The parents knew
I was sick, but had something they really need to do, I was so miserable
that night!  (If I had not known them so well, I wouldn't have, I told them
I was going to put the kids to bed early and then go to sleep myself, which
I did and they were fine with it)  About 15 minutes after I was admitted to
the hospital, who showed up but the mom.  When I first got checked in, they
drew a bunch of blood and took it to the lab, telling the person it needed
to be run NOW.  The mom worked in the lab.  Since it was the first entry,
all my data had to be recorded by hand into the computer.  She typed in my
name and thought, I know someone with that exact name.  She got to my age
and thought, wow the Maureen Reagan I know is 16 as well.  She got to my
address and realized it was me.  She finished off typing in my info,
checked to make sure all the machines were busy doing my bloodwork, then
ran to my room (quite litterally) and stood there in shock (she knew my dx
from the info she typed in the computer).  This confused the resident at
first (she was the one who ran the bloodwork up to her, but could tell from
the look on her face that she was there for personal reasons).  It was very
strange, she felt so bad for having me work (not because she felt her kids
were in danger, just how sick I was at the time and how much effort I had
to make to pull myself together).  About three weeks after that day, I was
babysitting her kids again.  I still will watch them occassionally.  (Scary
thing, her oldest was 2 the first time I babysat him, he is now 11!)  I've
had many babysitting "adventures" but not really many of them are related
to diabetes.  Pumping has made it so much better.  I would advise Geneva to
tuck in her tubing, babies especially like it and can get quite tangled.
Sometimes clipping my pump to my underwear and having my pants over it
works will for particularly curious children.

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