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Re: [IP] Re: Freedom with shots

Melissa Davis wrote:
> This is exactly what my doc has always said and it's taken me 1 1/2
> years to convince him I WANT the "lack" of freedom he thinks you get
> with the pump.  In fact, he says the pump is ALOT more work and our
> schedule will be even MORE rigid on the pump!  I had to convince him I
> wanted THAT before he'd give it to us! He sure makes a good argument for
> shots though!  The doctor working with him says the same thing... shots
> give you more freedom!  I wonder where they come up with this?

Maybe they never lived with diabetes!

Shots are less work ONLY if you don't care about how good your control

When I was on shots and aiming for tight control, I tested JUST as much,
I calculated carbs just as much, and I spent MORE mental energy
remembering when to take my shots.

On the pump, I don't have to remember to take an evening shot of NPH at
just the right time, and I don't have to eat to cover the tail of the
NPH that lasted into the late morning, when I drop like a rock, anyway!

And I can take tiny boluses to cover snacks. 

Docs who make this argument are talking through their hats -- based on
ignorance, not knowledge -- and for this, they get PAID?????

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