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[IP] post meal highs and diane

holly...when is summer mostly high?  after dinner?  or all meals?

the carb ratio really has an effect on post meals.
at breakfast, we are now doing temp basals to help with the high sugar
cereals or bagels.   increase by 0.3 for three hours after bolusing for
ENTIRE amount of cereal.  seems to work well for geneva.

if she corrects at lunch,  (12 pm)  ...her carb ratio is such that by 3 pm
when she comes home from school  she is usually in the 100's.

since she eats alot after school...her dinner is always high..and then we
it is dinner PP that we are struggling with.  especially if she eats pasta
or rice.
lately we have been eating veggie meals.  levels are better at bedtime.

> >Or do you avoid quick carbs, or do you bolus awhile
> before a meal?  Holly, mom of 10yo pumper with post-meal highs

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