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Re: [IP] Non Compliance? Or Ignorance?

email @ redacted wrote:

>   So the conversation continues , he doesn't test regulary, and
> is taking 2 shots a day, doesn't watch what he eats and is fine! 

Mag, there are a lot of diabetics who have become "fossilized", that is,
they know what they know, but have not kept up with the times and don't
understand or WANT to understand that the system they're operating under
is outdated. 

I think it's a form of denial.

The wife of a dear friend of mine fits into this category. She was
diagnosed with diabetes at age 37, around 1972, probably Type 1 (she
doesn't know, but she was hospitalized on diagnosis, and the oral meds
never worked for her), and was taught to do one shot of NPH a day, and
test her urine, so she STILL does that, and is absolutely uninterested
in blood testing or a different regimen.

She once said to me that her way was better because she could take her
shot and wait an hour or two before eating breakfast, while I had to eat

Well, she's paying for it with proliferative retinopathy (she's heading
toward total blindness in spite of laser treatment), a heart attack (at
age 60), and painful neuropathy in her feet and legs. I dunno how her
kidney function is.

I tried to show her my meter, and talk to her, but she wasn't having any
part of it. It was like she thought her control was perfectly fine, and
didn't need to be improved. I'm sure she thinks her complications are
because of diabetes itself, and not because of long-term poor control. 

Well, you can't live someone else's life for them -- but I'm sorry she's
suffering because of bull-headedness!

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