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[IP] diabetic babysitters...

i had the experience of specifically being hired because i was diabetic...
when i was around fifteen or so, my eighth grade civics teacher's daughter
was diagnosed with diabetes... (she was around eight at the time...)  mr.
tully knew that i was a "well-adjusted" diabetic, from having seen me take
care of myself on our trip to Washington DC (and having shut up a couple
of gawkers in a restaurant with a few one-liners)...  anyway.. he wanted
me to babysit for Tara and her younger brother, since i would have a
better idea how to recognize hypo's etc... and i could give Tara a good
model for taking care of herself... (i think it was probably nice too, to
have a babysitter who was stabbing herself for finger sticks at the same
time that she was....)  i bet there are some DM kids in your neighborhood
whose parents would be thrilled to have your daughter taking care of their


Jessica Elena Marder
email @ redacted

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