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Re: [IP] diabetic babysitters

In a message dated 99-11-02 21:47:02 EST, you write:

<< wondering if any DM 'ers out there were not allowed to babysit, or were 
 that it was too risky by a potential client as a young teen/pre-teen. >>

In the "for what it's worth" department, my babysitter has diabetes. She's 17 
now, but has been sitting for many years with no problems. She's very 
responsible -- maybe it's from taking care of her DM.  :-)  I let her take 
the children out to dinner, to the skating rink, pool, etc. 

Now, my husband used to leave a big bottle of Mountain Dew very prominantly 
on the counter -- but was afraid to tell her why. I just laughed at him and 
told him he's helped treat entirely too many hypos (mine)! He doesn't do it 
any more. 

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