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Re: [IP] Long term without complications

Kathleen asked:


>I've been Type 1 for almost thirty years and have also suffered no
>complications yet.  I have no idea why I have been so fortunate but I do
>have a question for others in the same position.  I have been told by three
>different physicians (two internists and one endo) that the longer one goes
>without complications the less likely one is to ever get them.  Has anyone
>else ever been told anything like that?  Could there be any factual basis
>for this or is it an old wives' tale of diabetology?
I've had several doctors (two endos, one internist) tell me this same thing 
during the past several years. It's certainly encouraging to hear this, but 
I don't know if there's any hard and fast "rule" about who gets 
complications and when they set in. I'd like to believe the docs when they 
tell me this, it gives me great hope for the future.

I've been Type 1 for 42 + years, no complications, other than stubbornness, 
intermittent lapses in good judgement and a "craving" for popcorn, Klondike 
bars and plain donuts <vbg>

In my more cynical moments, I think of these comments in the context of 
"well, if you're still o.k., you must have been doing *something* right all 
these years". Yeah, now if I could just remember exactly what that 
"something" was ..... <g>

Bob Burnett

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