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ok all
 did a basal test, didn't last long. my body is not
working right. did a huge amount of insulin b4 bed
last night and it had no effect, extra units w/o food
nad didn't affect me. same thing as before. it SUCKS>
today cna't get under 220 at all. it's been since sept
24, and it's not fixing itself, all ican do is keep
upping insulin and even do huge doses and shtos but
they don't work, i've used several diff. bottles of
insulin. 2 things I think...1. get some sort of pill
soon and try that with the pump, 2. take a tiny dose
of ultralente (never taken before) like 1 or 2 units
daily in addition to pump so maybe that will bring me
 I don't know but this SUCKS!

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