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[IP] Anatomy lesson:Blood vessels and veins...was gusher

<<He said that I hit a vein.  I've also hit blood vessels too.  The 
gusher was a vein.  blood vessels just produce a small amount of blood.>>

Any anatomical tube that moves blood from one area of the body to another 
area is a blood vessel. They are called veins, arteries, venules, arterioles, 
and capillaries. They will all bleed, in varying amounts when cut. If you go 
through one of these when inserting a set, the catheter left in place may be 
sealing it, preventing a blood leak into the tissues (bruise or hematoma). 
When you remove the set from the site, then you dislodge any small clot that 
may have sealed off the injured vessel and the leaking blood will take the 
path of least resistance by following that fresh opening directly to the 
skin. If you see blood in the tubing, or a bruise that gets bigger under the 
skin, or if it feels like a knot under the skin and it hurts, remove it and 
start over. If you don't see blood, you won't know about it until you have a 
gusher. Apply pressure for a few minutes and it should stop. Don't rub it, 
you will stimulate more bleeding, or the bruise will be larger. 
Apologies if I seem to be lecturing.
Barbara B.
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