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[IP] Disabilities


I think that the Americans with disabilities act does cover diabetes under
the "other" category.  So, like it or not you would be labeled disabled.
Don't fret you don't have to act disabled or take advantage of the
accommodations, but you can if you want/need.

I agree with you that people can live their life without feeling disabled.
I also know that there are situations that require the force of law to
prevent unfair and hurtful behavior from officials and institutions.  For
instance, the school stuff that I b___ch about all the time.  I would have
no leg to stand on if it were not for ADA.

In fact, being labeled as a disabled student gives my daughter the
opportunity to do all of the things that the other kids do.  They have to
let her, by law.  

So, it is ironic that being labeled disabled lets her not behave that way.

Curtis Lomax

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