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Re: [IP] protective cap and MM pump

>No, I'm talking about the infusion set. I use a "comfort," set, also known
>as a "tender," depending upon which pump you use or where you order your
>supplies. This infusion set allows you the ability to disconnect, unlike
>some others. When I connect a new infusion set, it comes with two extra
>pieces. I use these two hard plastic pieces when I disconnect from the
>inserting one into my infusion set, so that it's "topped off," and the
>into my pump. This prevents dirt  from getting in. While I'm in the shower,
>it prevents water or soap from getting in.
>Maybe it's not necessary, but I feel better doing it this way.

When I had my pump training, the trainer stressed the importance of
"recapping" both pieces of the tender whenever they are separated.  I do
this (I don't always do everything I'm told, but this one seems fairly
simple! :)  )- but the thing I have to be careful about is when I switch
inserts but not tubing, I tend to accidentally throw away the "pointy ends"
part when I throw out the old insert.


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