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[IP] Give a "person" a pump....was give a girl

What a great analogy! or rephrasing (whatever). Reminds me of a lady whose 
pump I did not start who came to see me for "fine-tuning". She said that she 
was taught HOW when she got the pump, but was so appreciative that I had 
taught her WHY. Since then, I have informed pumpers that "my job is to teach 
you not to need me".

Barbara B.

<<Give a girl a bolus, and she'll be healthy for a day.  Teach her how to 
bolus (and count carbs and change sets and phone her medical team and 
advocate for herself in the face of ignorance and make wise, strong choices 
about food and exercise and do battle with moronic insurance companies, 
etc.), and she'll be healthy for a lifetime. >>
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