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[IP] Fwd: Action, not words!

>Despite your emails, VP Gore still doesn't have anything to say about 
>diabetes research funding.  Visit his webpage at 
>www.algore2000.com/townhall/ and select "diabetes" from the pull-down menu 
>bar to see what I mean.
>I hope this is not indicative of his support for the 16 million Americans 
>with diabetes.  Stay tuned.
>On to a new leader.  House Speaker Dennis Hastert is in a new JDF Public 
>Service Announcement (PSA) for American Diabetes Month.  In it, he says 
>"I'm pleased to join the JDF in the fight to find a cure...I'm committed 
>to doing my part."  Sounds great!
>But actions speak louder than words.  This is especially true with 
>politicians.  We've spent all year hearing about the importance of a 
>cure.  But when Congress and the WH distribute funding, diabetes is 
>ignored for other, high-profile diseases.
>Despite the PSA, it's clear Hastert isn't aware of the abysmal situation 
>facing diabetes this year.  Let's ask him not only to talk about a cure, 
>but to work actively for one.  He's says he's committed, right?  As 
>Speaker, he can make it happen!
>Please contact Speaker Hastert with the following message:
>"NIH is about to get a $2 billion increase, of which $500 million will go 
>to cancer, $270 million for AIDS, but only $65 million for diabetes.  In a 
>recent PSA for JDF, you said "I'm committed to doing my part" to cure 
>diabetes.  As Speaker, will you level the playing field by providing an 
>additional $200 million for diabetes research this year?"
>You can contact the Speaker the following ways:
>Call his personal office at (202) 225-2976.
>Fax his personal office at (202) 225-0697.
>Call his leadership office at (202) 225-0600.
>Call his local office (Illinois) at (630) 406-1114.
>Send an email to email @ redacted or email @ redacted
>Or do them all!  Keep up the great work and please contact Speaker Hastert 
>today.  We will make a difference!

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