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[IP] 3 am checks

My parents are just like Michael, except it almost all
falls on my mom. Even when I tell them not to they
check on me, but usually for good reason. Lately I
either see 300s or 60s at night(3am), and not
consistently, so I can't base changes on that...
 Yes, my parents learned the scary way..7 years into
diabetes had one really bad night incident (not
including the time i needed glucagon) and that was
after i went to bed with a normal bg..on the high side
i think it was, but boy did i crash and had such an
awful day after! so that's their reasoning....
 I don't know when i'll start checking myself, which
is bad b/c i can't wake up, and when i'm low it's
impossible to wake up, but i probably won't get up
everynight myself when i do it...

about gushers..thanks to you all last month i didn't
freak otu with one! but it filled 3 papertowels!

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