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[IP] sex

Julie writes:
>  I'm just curious to know how many people disconnect right before sex...

curious arent you...tee heee

for me, it depends of who i am with and the "mood."  obviously if we have 
gotten to "that" point, they already know what the pump is, what it is for, 
"no i won't die if i disconnect it for a little while," "yes i will die if i 
don't plug it back in eventually," "no it doesn't hurt when you push on 
it..." etc.  

>  If you do, do you bolus beforehand?
if i have tested recently and KNOW I am high or on the way up, then I will 
bolus.  If i don't know for sure that I am high or if I haven't eaten in a 
while, I won't cuz being low makes the firecrackers fizzle....if you get my 

What really makes me laugh is those male pig slimes at the China Club and 
Webster Hall (trendy NYC discos) who think it is their god given right to 
grope whoever they are dancing with, or the person they are dancing next 
to....they run into the pump, or the tubing or the little plastic button of 
the catheter and be, like, uh whats zat baby?  that's when you either throw 
your drink on him, or show him cuz it is too loud to explain...

>  Have you ever had a set ripped out

yup - never felt a thing...at least not from THAT area of my body...tee hee

> or anything else happen?

- strangulation by tubing of both parties...not at the same time
- threatened use of tubing to tie body parts up....

>  I guess it's time to start experimenting.  To 
>  disconnect, or not to disconnect?  THAT is the question...

go for it - if you are lucky enough to have a ready and willing man, tell him 
you are doing scientific reasearch for a very worth cause adn you need to 
test ALL hypotheses (plural??)

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