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Re: [IP] Gusher...sounds worse than it is :)

Thank God for the IP, or we wouldn't have known about gushers when Erica
had her first one, a few months into pumping.  We had taken out her old
infusion set, from her stomach, and POP!  Blood POURED out!  Seriously,
GUSHER is the proper word for this.  Erica tried to stem the flow of
blood with her fingers, but it poured over her fingers down her tummy
and was seemingly non-stop.  It took paper towel to put a dent in it,
kleenex didn't do the trick, but we were not frightened because we
realized we had just entered the 'Gusher club'.  Erica was very calm,
and since then she has had one in her back.  It was not as 'productive'
as the first one.  In both cases, it left some bruising but no permanent
problems.  She was rather proud of herself in handling the situation
with calm...then we had quite a laugh over it.  We were envisioning what
would have happened if we had done the site change anywhere outside of
the house.....Erica really did get a kick out of it.

So, although it might look scary, it is nothing to worry
about.....unless you happen to have white clothing on when it happens

If I had an opportunity to, I think I would have purchased a t-shirt for
Erica saying "I survived my first gusher", but in hindsight, this would
TOTALLY confuse the non-pumping world  :-)  We're still working on
explaining that the pump is not implanted in her.

Barb....Erica's mom

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