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Re: [IP] Re: at a greater risk for

Rae, not to worry.  Perhaps the one good news is that Ryan's immune system
is better than yours.  Not compromised at all, unless your think souped-up
is a compromise.  That he has type I means that his immune system goes
after everything with a vengeance, so he'll probably have fewer colds than
his friends.  And aslong as his circulation is not compromised he will heal
from bruises just a well, too.

<<<<<Just wondering,
I thought DM would increase risk for infection only if
neuropathy was present. Does having diabetes
automatically mean that your immune system is
compromised re: infection, healing bruises, etc. ?
Ryan has had D for 7 years, I have not noticed this to
be a problem...
Rae, Ryan's mom >>>>>>>>>>

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