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Re: [IP] cane

i believe the "butting in line offer" is pretty well publicized....  my
aunt (a florida resident) told us about it before we went to disney on our
last trip...  yup... "Fair's a place where they give a prize to a big
pig."  if disney wants to let me go to thr front of the line, i'll go,
even if it isn't "fair" to everyone else....

(i pay enough for the priveledge of going to the park anyway!)

(who has a undeniable anti-corporate streak...)

On Tue, 2 Nov 1999, dawn halverson wrote:

> Jess,
> Understandable, but all those people waiting in line didn't cause my 
> diabetes. And if they don't know about the butting in line offer, but have a 
> chronic illness, why should they wait because I'm a whiner or a whimp?
> I once was in a drugstore in the aisle next to a mom and her young son. HE 
> whined at her "that's not fair!" Her response was "Life's not fair. Get used 
> to it."
> If you all plan a listserv day at Disney, count me out.
> Dawn

Jessica Elena Marder
email @ redacted

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