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Re: [IP] 3 a.m. testing -- I vote YES!

In a message dated 11/2/99 11:31:19 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Having pumped for the past 4 months, having checked and re-checked my night
 basals (by eating low-fat, low-protein dinner EARLY), I now realize that I
 simply can't awaken each morning with good BGs UNLESS I test in the middle
 of the night and correct those inevitable highs.
 I have realized that any amount of fat/protein higher than MINIMAL will
 significantly raise my BGs 6-8 hours later. So, like many of you, I go to
 bed fine -- but wake up at 250 or higher.
 No more, though. Like someone else who wrote, I'm getting up at 3 a.m. to
 test and fix myself....
 Again, it's that damn fat that's to blame. Only on nights when I eat very
 low fat/no protein dinners, and avoid high-fat snacks, am I fine all night.
 To me middle-of-the-night testing is a small inconvenience to guarantee
 happier mornings.

I don't know who this is, but the solution to you problem is very simple.  
You have to adjust your early morning basal rates.  I have the same problem.  
I wake up in the morning with high blood sugars too.  I'm working on 
adjusting my basals to compensate.  There is not need to eat minimal amounts 
of things, or get up at 3 am all the time.

email @ redacted
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