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[IP] Disabilities

email @ redacted wrote:
> I did say you
> know this is interesting subject I am at a diabilietes conference and not all
> was covered .. interesting huh?

Well, diabetics are NOT considered legally disabled, so why should they
cater to us????

Strikes me that we're caught in a bind -- on the one hand, we DON'T want
to be considered disabled, because of employment and insurance
considerations, but on the other hand, we want people to accommodate our
special needs.

Me, I'd rather take care of my own needs, because I'm NOT disabled. In
the workplace, I did need an accommodation when I was on shots (time to
eat a snack midmorning), but on the pump, I don't even need that. 

If there's no diet pop, I drink water -- there's ALWAYS water somewhere
at a public conference. 

I'm sure not everyone will agree with me; each to his/her own.

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