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Re: [IP] Sure could use some advice

At 10:26 AM 11/2/1999  Suzanne Hoppe wrote:
>But, my struggle is the carb counting.  Will this come natural after
>so long???  Is there anywhere I can read up more on how to do it???  Just
>looking for some "support" and "encouragment".  It will get better... Right?

There are a lot of books that you can get that list common foods and their 
carb counts (Corinne T. Netzer has written a number of them: I have one of 
them called "The Complete Book of Food Counts", which lists for $7.50 US). 
Most are paperback and aren't too expensive.

Otherwise, it's a matter of experience and good guesswork. Unless you have 
a scale and weigh out everything, you just have to learn what certain 
quantities look like on the plate. If you have specific problems or 
questions about particular foods, ask them here... I'm sure you'll get more 
help than you ever expected. :-)


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