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[IP] Strange breakfast high

Several months ago my wife brought home a "quick fix" breakfast food. I
don't remember the name of it but it was basically diced potatoes, sugar
cured ham, onions, and some red pepper flakes in a frozen mix that one heats
up and eats. I measured out a portion that the package said contained 38
grams of carbs. I bolused accordingly. An hour and a half later I was at
300! This is 100 points higher than I usually go after a meal. What in the
world could have caused such a jump? I eat potatoes often and never get this
kind of reaction. Ditto with the ham and onions. I figured this was a fluke
but several weeks later I tried again and got an identical reaction. I'm
stumped. Is it possible for foods that don't provoke a quick rise in sugar
normally to do so when mixed together? This stuff was very good and was easy
to fix but I'll be durned if I try it again. Anyone had an experience like

David Dougherty

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