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Re: [IP] pump vs MDI

At 09:32 AM 11/2/1999  Evelyn Lieberman wrote:
>Sam, I was told that the 3 am testing is not mandatory.  I'm not
>interested in what is mandatory;  I am more concerned about feeling good
>and avoiding as many of the complications as possible.  I have tested my
>basals and am confident about them.  Still have you ever awakened in the
>morning and been high without being able to figure out why?  I am
>guaranteed a good day by getting up at 3 am.

You're right that we're all different. That's a given. You have to do what 
works for you and what you feel most comfortable with. I was just trying to 
make sure that you, and everyone else that reads these posts, knew what all 
the options were. I was definitely not trying to change your habits.

I know, for me, if I get up in the middle of the night, that I don't have a 
good day... I guess I just need my uninterrupted sleep to feel rested.

I've had lots of unexplained highs... that's part of the game... it could 
be something I ate 6 hours ago, stress, a low-level virus, activity level, 
a bad hair day or the phases of the moon. On the opposite tack, I've also 
had unexplained lows... probably all for the same reasons.

>My doctor calls me a "worrier"
>and he says the worriers make the best pumpers.

I guess I've learned not to be a worry wart... I just do the best I can. 
And, after almost 21 years of being diabetic, I must be doing something 
right... no major complications yet. Besides, worrying just raises my BGs. :-)


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