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[IP] Dawn Phenomenon..part 2


if I might ask,  with the new basal,  what are his numbers now around
midnight?  are they up in the 200's?

I tried your basals last night and geneva went to bed at 8:30.
she had 34 carbs of halloween candy at 7 PM.  nothing after.

8:15 pm     134  (never before)
12 am        220  ( no correction)
3 am          132  (!!!...a first!!!)
6 am            85    (she treated with a lifesaver...uncomfortable at this
7:15 am      103

now I have to figure out what to do between 3 am and wakeup to get her
closer to 130.   then we have it made!

just wondering if you have 200's during that period when first dropping to
sleep and if you correct.

mom to geneva, age 10 1/2

> My 10yo, 90 lbs, just went up to .9 basal from 8pm to 1am (from .7), then
> back down to .5 til morning.

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