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[IP] pump vs MDI

Sam, I was told that the 3 am testing is not mandatory.  I'm not
interested in what is mandatory;  I am more concerned about feeling good
and avoiding as many of the complications as possible.  I have tested my
basals and am confident about them.  Still have you ever awakened in the
morning and been high without being able to figure out why?  I am
guaranteed a good day by getting up at 3 am.  Most times I just test and
go directly back to sleep.  Occasionally I need to correct with a
bolus.  Never mind.  I just do it and then the next day I start out
right.  It's little enough to do to insure a good day.  Maybe Michael
could run a statistical analysis for us to find out how many of us get
up.  It might be interesting to know.   My doctor calls me a "worrier"
and he says the worriers make the best pumpers.  So maybe that is why I
get up and maybe you aren't a worrier.  Whatever works for you.

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