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[IP] HA1C tests/lows/geneva

> > geneva had her last one done post MDI and it was 7.7   (down from 9.1)
> > this is with a mix of lows/highs.  (70-280)
> Just curious -- do you mean Geneva's BGs have been ranging between 70
> and 280?

yes, and she considers anything below 100 to be "low".  hates that sense of
sinking.  thinks she will plummet like on MDI.

> Some of the people who have low A1c's simply don't glycate very much.

this is very interesting!

>it can be from other causes, like consuming
> a lot of vitamin E!

this should open up a big discussion...shall I run out and buy some E now?

>I tend to agree with Michael that the most important thing to
> concentrate on FIRST is stability.

absolutely.  and we are close...except alot of times the stability is HIGH

I also agree that protocol for kids is very different than for the adults.


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