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[IP] 3 a.m. testing -- I vote YES!

Having pumped for the past 4 months, having checked and re-checked my night
basals (by eating low-fat, low-protein dinner EARLY), I now realize that I
simply can't awaken each morning with good BGs UNLESS I test in the middle
of the night and correct those inevitable highs.

I have realized that any amount of fat/protein higher than MINIMAL will
significantly raise my BGs 6-8 hours later. So, like many of you, I go to
bed fine -- but wake up at 250 or higher.

No more, though. Like someone else who wrote, I'm getting up at 3 a.m. to
test and fix myself....

Again, it's that damn fat that's to blame. Only on nights when I eat very
low fat/no protein dinners, and avoid high-fat snacks, am I fine all night.

To me middle-of-the-night testing is a small inconvenience to guarantee
happier mornings.


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