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[IP] Michael Moore is calling for HMO horror stories...

i don't know how many of you know of Michael Moore, but he's a comedian
activist who has a TV show called "The Awful Truth" and has written many
books and movies... anyway, he's always trying to bring down the idiocy in
corporate america... (took a bunch of people who had had their voice boxes
removed from lung/throat cancer christmas caroling to all the big tabbacco
companies, and video taped the whole thing.....)  this guy has balls!
anyway, i'm sure that we all have some HMO horror stories to share with
him, his email address is at the end of this forward (which is somewhat
long... skip most of it, if you like....)


Jessica Elena Marder
email @ redacted

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Date: Tue, 02 Nov 1999 16:12:53 GMT
From: Richard Aldous <email @ redacted>
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Subject: Michael Moore/FWD (if you don't know who he is-delete this)

>November 1, 1999
>Dear friends,
>Ten years ago today, I stood on the lawn of
>the Genesee County Jail in Flint and sold my
>film to Warner Bros.  The executives at Warner's
>were a little bewildered by my choice of location
>for a "signing ceremony," but after weeks of
>negotiating with me (and agreeing to my requests
>that they house the families who were evicted in
>the movie, that they grant free tickets to the film
>to 50,000 poor people around the country, that
>they send a group of Flint citizens on a tour of
>30 depressed cities to use the film as an
>organizing tool, that they not distribute the
>film in apartheidcountries, etc.), announcing
>the sale of "Roger & Me" to Warner Bros. in
>front of a Flint prison full of the casualties of
>General Motors seemed not that strange after
>Ten years! Has it been that long?  The
>boom-boom '90s are over and guess what --
>another 30,000 GM jobs in Flint have been
>thrown in the trash heap since I made my
>movie. That's a total of 60,000 jobs gone during
>a decade of record profits in a city with a
>population now less than 150,000.
>Ten years later. Here's how far we've come.
>General Motors and Warner Bros. have just
>announced that WB cartoon characters will
>adorn the new Chevy mini-vans.  The
>"Hollywood Reporter" asked a GM official how
>the corporation felt about doing business with
>the movie company that distributed "Roger &
>Me." The GM big-wig chuckled, "We're over
>Hey, they're over it! No hard feelings! Kick us
>again, Mike, we can take it! Next time, maybe
>we can put YOUR mug on a Buick!
>The smug arrogance of Corporate America is
>one of its most endearing traits. They are so
>sure that doing something like distributing a
>movie that attacks them will do nothing to
>upset their little apple cart they will even
>advertise on "The Awful Truth" as they did
>this past season on our Canadian and
>British networks. It's all just one big
>Well, let's hope they keep laughing, because
>as long as they aren't on to us and just how
>subversive this all is, we'll get to keep getting
>away with what we are up to. What are we up
>Well, not really, but I always wanted to type
>those words to see how they felt (pretty
>damn good!).
>See, here's their Achilles' heel: They believe
>that the people who watch something like
>"Roger & Me" will then do nothing to change
>the conditions portrayed in the film.  They
>know that their media has successfully
>numbed & dumbed the minds of the citizenry
>to a point that they can even show them a
>movie that calls for their own punishment and
>nothing will happen.  It's pretty cynical, isn't it --
>first the Corporate State throws you out of
>work, then they distribute a movie showing
>the real reasons why they did it. They offer
>the downsized workforce this movie as a
>way to "entertain" them with images of their
>own suffering -- and demand that these
>workers actually fork over around ten bucks
>for the privilege of watching this entertainment!
>It's all the same to them -- the cartoon character
>called "Michael Moore" who spits on GM, and
>the cartoon character Elmer Fudd whose parent
>company participated in the spitting but now
>adorns the rear end of a Chevy Venture.
>Many of you often write to ask me, "How the
>heck do you still get your movies shown in
>theatres?... How do you ever get this stuff on
>TV? How come they put your books in their
>Here's the answer: 'Cause they think I'm a
>funny guy! Humor can't hurt them! And, I
>make them money! Probably a total net
>profit for all of them of $40 million in the
>past decade. And, most important, I'm not
>a threat! I'm not a threat because they know
>-- they KNOW! -- that each of you who are
>reading this right now will not turn off your
>computer, leave the house, and go burn
>down your local HMO or take over the local
>Democratic Party or run for State Senate
>or block the train hauling the assembly line
>out of town or take your Nikes back to
>Footlocker or hold a sit-in at your local high
>school protesting the ban on black "Goth"
>t-shirts or tear up the credit cards that
>have put you in a modern-day debtor's
>prison or rip the Microsoft Windows out of
>your hard drive or just pick up the phone
>and scream at the top of your lungs to the
>robot "operator," I WANT TO SPEAK TO
>They're sure you won't do any of that, that
>you'll just sit there and gripe and moan
>about the lousy choice on next year's ballot
>(another side show they pay for to entertain
>us) and then turn on the TV where "Suddenly
>Susan" becomes just the white noise you
>were looking for while you sit there and try
>to figure out how you'll make this month's
>payment on the second mortgage.
>Well, I say let them think that. Because here's
>the dirty little secret that they won't get, even
>if they are reading this very letter right now
>because they are either too stupid or too
>arrogant to ever see what is soon coming
>their way. The people, the working people
>of this country, have had it and it will only
>take one sneeze on the house of cards
>that is called the Greatest Economic Era
>of the 20th Century for the citizens of
>America to stand up and take charge.
>I see the signs of this all around me. Last
>week I asked you to send me your HMO
>horror stories. I got THOUSANDS of letters --
>it really knocked me over. And they are
>still coming in (we want to hear from anyone
>who has been abused by our health care
>system, especially those victims who may
>die as a result of their HMO or hospital's
>Mike's Militia list, the one many of you are
>on, has grown by leaps and bounds in just
>the past year. I still can't believe how many
>hundreds of thousands of us are connected
>just on this list, not to mention all the other
>good things going on out there with student
>groups, community activists, churches, and
>labor unions who have NOT given up and
>who, though they don't have cartoon
>characters emblazoned on their rear ends,
>are still laughed at, marginalized, and
>ignored by their local media and corporate
>Keep doing your work. It DOES matter. Do
>it in your own small ways.  Do it quietly. You
>are not alone, and there is strength in our
>Michael Moore
>email @ redacted
>P.S. Check out Ben Hamper's latest column
>on our website
>and read about our night at the Springsteen
>concert in Detroit!
><A HREF="http://www.michaelmoore.com">http://www.michaelmoore.com</A>

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