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Re: [IP] cane

in all the discussion of people using diabetes to cut in line at disney, i
have to put in my $.02....  having diabetes sucks!  (we've all agreed on
this point, i think)  my mother always told me that i should take what i
can get...  if disney were not* going to let people with severe physical
disabilities go to the front of the line, because they had already let the
diabetics go first, i would definitely say that we should decline... but
given that all those who need* the additional access will still get it, i
don't have much problem using the disease that i'm stuck with (and tired
of, and frustrated with) to get myself a totally unrelated benefit...  yes
i realize that the policy is misguided, in assuming that diabetes is a
sufficiently debilitating disease to warrant cutting everyone else in
line, but if they are going to maintain their policy, i have no problem
taking advantage of it...  really, getting to skip the lines at disney,
while a nice perk, doesn't make up for having to live with this shitty
disease...  (pardon my french)...  and i'd rather take a cure, any day....
but until there is one, i will ask for, and take all the perks i can get,
when i want them.... (i actually think that there's something fun about
standing in line at disney, anticipating the fun to come....  doesn't
bother me at all....)  but i don't think that the people who take
advantage of these policies are un-ethical, or setting a bad example...  

/soapbox off


Jessica Elena Marder
email @ redacted

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