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[IP] cane

Susan wrote:
>  electric carts out for me.  It's like the cane brings
>  respect for some reason.  

Now, i woldn't mind if you cut in front of me in line at Disneyland...I do 
respect your cane (if only cuz I'd be scared you'd crack it over my head if I 
didn't), but that curly haired little girl over there with her smiley face 
and two sturdy legs and medic alert bracelet saying she has diabetes better 
wait her turn...

heh heh...I will warn you all when I go to disney so you can be sure and not 
cut in front of me that day!

> Maybe we need to wear signs
>  saying "I have diabetes -- be nice to me."

add a line to my sign...."and pity the person who tries to make me test in 

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