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[IP] kewl

Ruth wrote in response to me writing....
>  > ....but KEWL!!

>  please give definition of this sara

Dude.....you have to, like, say this, like you are, like, a surfer, 
dude...think Spicoli from Fast times at Ridgemont High..  Right on, 
dude,,,,pumping is, like, totally, KEWL!!!!  Getting into national parks is 
also, like totally KEWL!  Be sure to jut your chin forward when you say it, 
so you can look the part

it is my alternative spelling for "cool" which is entirely too over-used in 
the english language, much like the word "like" - what is, like, the problem 
with youths (pronounced YOOTs) today.  don't nobody teach them, like, how to 
speak no more?

it's like, ya know, strange to talk to anyone under, like age 20, cuz like, 
they all have this 18 word vocabulary, and it like totally boring, ya know>

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