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[IP] ode to nurses

I just wanted to point out, with the recent discussion of compassionate
doctors, that I think a good nurse is the most vital element to a diabetic
team.  The nurse is the one who deals more with the day to day problems
rather than the big picture.  She/He is there as a friend - a compassionate
one at that.  My best experiences in life with health care professionals are
with RNs and CDEs.  They have time for the chit chat - they have time to
listen to you vent - and in my case, all of my RN's have been diabetics
themselves and "know."  My awesome awesome nurse who started me on my pump
anticipated questions/fears, gave me a 24 hour pager number, went over sugar
sheet and individual bolus questions... the doctor (who also rocked but in
this case...) had a very small role in the pump start other than to verify
my nurse's suggestions for starting basal rates and such.

If I ever were to join the diabetes health care profession, I think I'd
rather be a nurse :)


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