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Re: Re: [IP] placement of infusion set..Michael

HI Folks

As this child develops into a beautiful person, both inside and outside,
I have decided something,  SHE WILL NEVER WEAR A BIKINI!! <VBG>

Seriously though, Erica has the FLATTEST stomach I have ever seen.  Even
her extremely athletic figure skating sister has a little paunch you can
pinch.  Trying to pinch anything on Erica's abdomen is like trying to
pinch an inch on the back of your hand <g>
It seems like there is only skin there!  She doesn't like to wear
anything tight or binding (hope she is like that till she is 30!) and
for now at least, her favourite swimming suits are one piece because
they will not fall off when she does her acrobatics around the pool :)
I will plant your little idea in her head.  When vanity does set in, I
am hoping she will use the tummy too.  I was just wondering if other
people find this is a problem with their lower tummy area.

>>Lily would originally ONLY use the area below her belly button. You
might mention the "Bikini" problem to Erica, perhaps her vanity will
get her to try that site as her swim suit will then cover the set

Barb....Erica's mom
ps.  Michael, good to see those donations growing!!

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