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Re : [IP] Re: High Numbers Right After Going To Bed

Hi Judy,

Erica is 11and has been pumping since March.  She is going through a
growth spurt now, I can almost SEE it daily, and with hormones, we find
that her blood sugar USUALLY rises in the late evening/early morning
hours.  Her highest basal rate is from 11pm-2am.  However, if she has
been particularly active outside in the early evening playing a lot, I
usually put in a temp basal .1 lower for those three hours for peace of
mind.  We still check Erica frequently at 3am, especially when she has
been at someone else's home and I haven't been aware of her activity

During the summer past, it was not unusual for Erica to be at a 0.0 or
0.1 temp basal rate due to her incredible activity level while we are at
the campground.  It would usually only be for a few hours, but was often
necessary.  The only strenuous activity I didn't cover with a very low
temp basal was swimming, as being disconnected worked well. She is on
the Minimed 507C.

All her basals have increased with the onset of school and cooler
weather.  Her basal rates range from .3-.6.   Her .6 is the 'hormone'
one at night, .3-.4 for her most active time of the day, and .5 for the

Hope this helps,

Barb....Erica's mom

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