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[IP] Ginny/tight control

<<For those of us adults trying to keep free of kidney problems, heart
problems, strokes., blocked arteries, blindness etc etc..it is important
for us to keep our BGs under 180. There is more to it then those who are
"venting" about thier 186's and to laugh at us is not understanding us.  My
mother is slowly losing her fight because her BGs were over 200 for too
long. She is not suppose to go over 180 (I think that is the kidney
threshold) she is going blind..I personally am offended at your ridicule of
those who are concerned about thier BGs. I have lost too many of my
family/friends to diabetes. They died a horrible death. I do not see
"venting" about 186 funny.
I am sorry you do not have a pump yet but please do not make fun of those
of us trying to keep our BGs in a range where we can remain as healthy as
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I don't think anyone meant to ridicule - but rather we were saying we WISH
was all we have to worry about.  It seems damn near impossible for some of
to maintain such "good" numbers - that is to  say - 186 WOULD BE GOOD FOR
US because our diabetes is so damn temperamental/unpredictable/sensitive
or whatever word you want to use.  We are not ridiculing; we are jealous!!!
We sigh relief when we see a 186.... and only pray to God that some day our
numbers would be good enough where a 186 is 'bad' for us....

No ridicule - but sheer disbelief that others can keep such good control -
jealousy that they can ;)


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