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Re: [IP] pump vs MDI


I completely understand your feelings about MDI.  I am on
Humalog and Ultralente.  I take an average of 6 to 8
injections a day (sometimes more).  I usually test my BG 10
times or more a day.  Lately, I seem to be developing a
Dawn Syndrome -- I wake up with fasting BGs that are
considerably higher than where they were when I went to
bed.  I also seem to have some problems with delayed
digestion.  I already have neuropathy in my feet and hands.
 I had surgery on my hands and it helped some.  I am told
that surgery is not as successful on the feet so they don't
do it until things get really bad.  How bad do they have to

It is frustrating to keep trying and trying to get a pump. 
I feel like the doctors and HMO are denying the sort of
technology that could really help me.  I am beginning to
wonder if my HMO is one of those that secretly offers
incentives to doctors who save them money by not
prescribing expensive therapy or equipment (I have heard of
this being done).

I have been routinely ending up being rushed to the ER
several times each month because of problems with my DM. 
Several times this year I have been admitted to ICU in
critical and unstable condition because of extremely high
BGs and/or Ketones.  I have also experienced a couple of
comas because of sudden BG crashes.  Each of these ICU
visits has been for several days, usually followed by a day
or so in CCU.  The amount of money that they pay for just
one of these episodes would buy at least two or three pumps
(maybe even more) with change left over!  I just don't
understand the logic.


OK, I will quit complaining and venting now, also.

--- Carolyn Green <email @ redacted> wrote:
> This is in response to V3#609.
> MDI is the pits. I am not yet on the pump but I come here
> daily to learn 
> more and to gear myself up for this big positive change
> in my life. I know 
> that the pump will work well for me. In the past 10 days,
> nine nights I have 
> had lows, 3 with convulsions, and continuing to drop
> nighttime insulin shot. 
> I have had lows and highs throughout the days as well.
> This is NOT fun. I am 
> trying very hard to balance everything out. I have a
> somewhat normal 
> schedule (what is normal with 5 kids?) and no matter how
> hard I try I just 
> cannot get consistent bg readings. I test at least 6
> times a day and count 
> carbs and record it all. I do have the odd day where
> things balance out but 
> they are few and far between. I know that on the pump my
> control will be 
> better and I will have less lows. I have 7 reasons for
> wanting the pump: 5 
> kids, one wonderful hubby and me! I want to be around to
> enjoy life with 
> them. My HbA1C is 6.4, looks good but I think the results
> of lots of lows. I 
> want to hang on to as many brain cells as I can!!
> IWANTAPUMP!! I hope and 
> pray that it works out and that I do not have to wait too
> long. I need the 
> freedom and flexibility and above all, I need a better
> quality of life than 
> the MDIs are giving me. And my Hubby needs a good nights
> sleep!!!!!...Thanks 
> for listening!....Carolyn

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