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Re: Subject: [IP] Re: High Numbers Right After Going To Bed

> Michael Robinton helped me a bunch when Jenna was having those high evening
> numbers.  He called it "dusk phenomenon" - I'm not sure that's in any
> medical books, but it sure happened to us for a while.  For Jenna, it worked
> to just set up her basal rates from 8 pm till 11 pm.  Michael also has had a
> thread about using a bolus dose upon going to bed - I'll admit that I
> skimmed that thread, because it doesn't happen to Jenna any more - it
> disappeared as mysteriously as it came.  Michael, are you reading this?
Yep, I'm reading. The phenomena has a particular cause that is hormonally 
related (for kids). Lily's doc explained it to me once, but I have 
forgotten the technical details and only remember the practical 
application. I will drop him a note and ask if he recalls the conversation.

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