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Re: [IP] pump vs MDI

At 06:42 PM 11/1/1999  dawn halverson wrote:
>hovered mostly between 110 and 150, but had a blip of 240 at 2-5 a.m. as
>many do. This was fixed by going from .7 basal to .8 during those hours. I'm
>not up at 3 a.m. any more, and I've had only 2 episodes of low blood sugar
>in the past week. This has been great.

I wish I could say that I had those kinds of numbers... I was considered 
"brittle" before the pump... the best thing for me is that the extremes 
have mellowed out quite a bit. And, I virtually never have hypos at night 

Yes, I do test occasionally at night... mostly when I have to get up to go 
to the bathroom anyhow. Typically that means that I'm high... and I usually 
know why too: Chinese, Mexican food and Pizza are the main culprits. :-)


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