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[IP] Re: High Numbers Right After Going To Bed


Kelly is 6, and we often see the exact increase you describe at bedtime.  We also
saw it on MDI, and the doctor was forever reprimanding me for the smidgen of
humalog I'd give her at 11PM on those nights.  It is cyclic, and we are now in a
phase where the basal increase at this time still exists, but is not as dramatic.
I'm sure this will change again in a matter of days/weeks.  I think of it as the
"dawn phenomena" way too early!!!  Kelly's pump is set so that I can give .1
increments for bolusing.  Each .1, lowers her 20 points, so it's easy to lower
her, without going too low.  Also, we use a .1 rate for several hours a day, and
even a "0" rate for a time.  Never had a problem due to that.  We use the
Disetronic.  Hope this helps.

Mary, Kelly's Mom

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