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Re: [IP] OH to whine....!

in geneva's case...I do complain about 186 because all week long she has
been running in the 300's.   this worries me when it is a re-occurring
thing.   when it looked as if she was  FINALLY  coming down this am ( 154 at
breakfast)  ...the halloween candy came into the picture and lo and
behold...highs again.  ok, ok...under 200 is somewhat reasonable .  but like
I mentioned before...I am anal as can be.


> I understand totally what you are saying!  I sometimes see on the
>  people writing that they cannot understand why they are running
> so "high" after breakfast (or whatever).  As you read, you find that
> their "high" is an increase from 110 to 125 or some other small
> amount.  >

> > As I sit here reading your e-mails about "high bg's"  I just have to
> > laugh... not at anything humorous, but rather, something pathetic.  I
> > read your e-mails "venting" about blood sugars readings in the high
> > 100's to the low-to-mid 200's, and I have to laugh...  Caitlyn's average
> > blood sugar is in the mid 200's!

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