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[IP] OH to whine....!


dont worry - even those peopple who whine about having a HIGH of 186 have the 
occasional 437!!!  we all do - none of us are perfect...well, maybe some of 
us THINK we are, but everyone else knows we are just strange... Any way, the 
only thing I could say is hold out for the day when you get the pump for C, 
and til then, just whittle away at those swings!  So you are 60- 450 
now...Aim for  70 - 400 and be happy with that for a while, then aim for 75 - 
375...don't try to be too drastic, or too hard on yourself or the 
kiddo...test test test...never inject while there is still working insulin in 
there...use the samllest syringe so you can see those 1/2 unit doses...fine 
tune the same way we do on pump...and don't worry!!

Vent away baby - that is what we are here for!!!

Sara,,,,who is currently 196 and is just glad to be under 200 cuz this has 
been a DAY FROM HELL!!!

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