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[IP] Re: "freedom" with shots

Thank you all for your opinions about what my doctor said about getting a 
pump.  I have gone around and around in my mind whether or not I want to 
press the issue since she made her comment.  I did press the issue at the 
time, stating all the reasons you all gave, in addition to stating how 
annoyed I get when I want to go out to eat and forget a shot or am unable to 
go all the way back home to get one.  I can't always pre-plan that well, and 
I certainly do always guess about what I'm going to be eating later when I'm 
filling the syringe!!!  Anyway, the case doesn't seem to be closed just yet 
-- she had said if I really wanted one we could look over my past records and 
see if we can find an appealable reason for the HMO.  Wish me luck.  I've 
only be diabetic for a year and I've actually been pretty stable (beginner's 
luck, I think).  The freedom of a pump is the big issue for me, which like 
you all said, nobody but an insulin-dependent person knows what it is like to 
be tied to shots or a pump forever and ever and to experience the fear and 
yucky feeling of high BG and the fear and yucky feeling of low BG.  

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