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Re: [IP] Re: High Numbers Right After Going To Bed

> I have two questions today.  In reference to child pumpers.
> 1)  Has anyone experienced that right after they go to bed, their numbers
> really high??  Is this common

it is not common,  but geneva and michael's daughter, lily has this

we are still working out basals for the period from go to bed until about 1
am.  then she crashes.  trying the 'temp. basal' method.  in which you set a
temp basal for higher than she would be when awake.

this is very complex.

> 2) Any pumpers that have used a lower basal rate than .2,

yes...and with no problems.  geneva used it during some of her after swim
meet time blocks this summer.

no clogging if this is what you are concerned about.  she has even done 0.0.


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